This summer I invited my son and ten of his pals into the studio to make some art. Each child brought in an object that was interesting or important to them. We spent two weeks creating drawings and images based on their objects while weaving together a story that is truly delightful.

Since the children have been back in school, I have been turning their drawings into object-paintings and we are all very excited to share them with you.

I love working with children because they encapsulate all that I hope to be as an artist: intuitive, deliberate and fearless. When I first began working with my son, Samuel, I was struck with how effortless the creative process was for him. The work I did this summer with Samuel and his buddies continues to challenge me and my own art practice.

We will be showing our collaboration at the Marvin Embree Art Gallery, 3003-A Paseo, OKC, in the Paseo on October 4 from 6-10. 

Collaborating artists include: Avalon Halferty, Brody Offel, Dylan Beeson, Erin Shaw, Gavin Gayanich-Tipton, Isaac Beeson, Jackson Magness, Lily Halferty, Parker Bryant, Samuel Shaw and will be present at the opening to discuss their work.

Hope to see you there!