Erin Shaw is a painter of borderlands, the spaces between worlds. Her art faces the dualities we all carry inside of us, synthesizing them into understanding through narrative. As a visual storyteller, the child of an Oklahoma farm, Erin tills the rich soil of dichotomy, growing art where the known meets the unknown. 

As an American Indian (Chickasaw-Choctaw) artist, Erin creates in a state of tension, suspended between two worlds. Humor pervades her art and reveals truths in unanticipated ways. The trickster, a disruptive force who turns us about until we see something new, appears throughout her work. 

Erin earned her BFA in studio art from Baylor University and her MFA from the University of Oklahoma. She teaches art at the University of Central Oklahoma while also exhibiting her work throughout the United States. She currently lives and works in Oklahoma City with her husband, son, and a shoe thieving bird dog.